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Delivery Information

Prices are already with shipping to Russia, prices itself are the same as from manufacturers, if you're from another country - please mail us for re-calculation of shipping.

Shipping from China/Korea/USA - depends of BJD brands you've choosed.

We have EMS and airmail, e-packet shipping. All prices include ems shipping to Russia, so if you're from another country - please ask us for shipping fee (it will be cheaper). Our prices for BJD dolls are the same as from BJD brands you'are choosing.

Below are approx shipping fee, total will be calculated by us after your order. Because the weigth od 1 doll depends of its size and brand. Also you can mail us and ask about shipping fee to your country - shop@manga-zin.net

EMS (1-2 weeks) USA/Canada/Australia/Europe

Parts/details/ - 30$
1/6 BJD - 25-30$
1/4 BJD - 30-45$
1/3 BJD - 45-55$
70cm - 45-70$
Airmail (20-30 days)
Parts/Detais/Small dolls - 5-10$
1/6 BJD - 15$
1/4 BJD - 20$
1/3 BJD - not possible
70 - not possible