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Layaway terms:

Max layaway up to 9 months! You can order any doll with it.

1) 1st payment min 30%. We are forwarding your order to manufacturer on the next working day after your 1st payment. We pay the whole amount to manufacturer at once, so you couldn't cancel your order in the future (cancellation fee 30% of order)
2) Order over 100 usd
3) Limited dolls - layaway up to 3 months, basic dolls - up to 6 months, but if your order over 1000 usd - up to 9 months.
4) Monthly payment - amount as you like (if your layaway up to 3 months), if more than 3 months - min 10% each month.
5) If you have special layaway request - please mail us shop@manga-zin.net - we'll try to help^_^
6) You can use layaway for 2 or more orders from us at the same time.
7) Layaway without any % or layaway fee.

Please contact us if you have any questions shop@manga-zin.net