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[Aida Saki/Nara Chiharu] S 04 (yaoi) (end)
 Автор Aida Saki, Nara Chiharu Год издания 2009 Формат B6 Жанр Сёнен-ай, Яой, Детектив Язык Английский Количество страниц 200..
[Aida Saki/Nara Chiharu] S 01 (yaoi)
Shiba is a detective in the fifth anti-organized crime division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, a.k.a. "Anti-Gang 5," specializing in handgun seizures. Shiba^^^^s secret weapon is "S" ("spy"), an informant who plays a key role in Shiba^^^^s information gathering. Shiba is training an informant who..
[Aida Saki/Nara Chiharu] S 01-04 (yaoi)
Все 4 томика. Жанр Сёнен-ай, Яой, Драма Язык Английский Количество страниц 250..
[Aida Saki/Nara Chiharu] S 02 (yaoi)
 Автор Aida Saki, Nara Chiharu Год издания 2009 Формат B6 Жанр Яой, Сёнен-ай, Детектив Язык Английский..
[Aida Saki/Nara Chiharu] S 03 (yaoi)
 Автор Aida Saki, Nara Chiharu Год издания 2009 Формат B6 Жанр Яой, Сёнен-ай, Детектив Язык Английский Количество страниц 200..
[Arakawa Hiromu] Fullmetal Alchemist novel 3: The valley of white petals
 Формат B6 Жанр Фэнтази, Паропанк Язык Английский Количество страниц 224..
[Arakawa Hiromu] Fullmetal Alchemist novel 2: The abducted alchemist
 Автор Arakawa Hiromu Формат B6 Жанр Паропанк Язык Английский..
[Arakawa Hiromu] Fullmetal Alchemist novel: The land of sand
 Автор Arakawa Hiromu Формат B6 Жанр Паропанк Язык Английский..
[CLAMP] xxxHolic:Anotherholic Novel
Твердая обложка+суперобложка. Nothing could have thrilled Kimihiro more than stumbling upon the bizarre wish-granting shop of the beautiful but unnerving Yuko Ichihara, who solemnly promises to make the spirits plaguing Kimihiro go away just as soon as her fee - rendered in daily afternoon chores a..
[Hasukawa Ai/Tono Haruhi] Aristocrat and Desert Prince (yaoi)
In his young life, Takeyuki has never really known hardship. The youngest son of a wealthy family, he has never had any difficulty getting anything he desired. Now, though, Takeyuki is enjoying his last month of freedom before he begins working at his father^^^^s import company in Tokyo, and he has ..
[Jissohji Yukariko] Eternal Love (yaoi)
Tomoyuki was headed to England for work, but during an attempted robbery he is rendered unconscious. When he opens his eyes he^^^^s in a palace in the desert?! Seems like the thieves were after more than just his wallet. Brought to the Kingdom of Madina for the pleasure of their future king, Aswile,..
[Katsuragi Chica] yaoi novel
 Автор Katsuragi Chica Год издания 2009 Формат B6 Жанр Яой, Драма Язык Японский Количество страниц 150..
[Kazumi Maki & Honami Yukine] Desire: Dangerous Feelings (yaoi)
Toru is a shy and quiet student with a crush on his close friend Ryoji, the most popular member of the high school swim team. In front of Ryoji, Toru hides his feelings and acts as if he is just one of Ryoji^^^^s good friends, but his world is turned upside-down when Ryoji confesses a secret desire ..
[Kisaragi Hirotaka] Darl Walker (yaoi)
Tomoki Naruse has just started his freshman year in high school. And as with all healthy, young men at his age, he^^^^s been dreaming of sex. But Tomoki isn’t having normal wet dreams like his classmates! In his nightmares, err… dreams his partner is a man and to make..
[Konohara Narise] Cold Sleep (yaoi)
Having lost his memory in an accident, Toru Takahisa is taken in by Fujishima, an older man claiming to be his friend. However, Fujishima is cold and unwieldy, refusing to tell Toru anything about his past. What unravels is a dramatic love story that entangles the intricate relation of past and pres..