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[Doll Chateau Limited event] Larry
Price is without shipping. Fullset is available too ..
[Dollzone] Scorpio white nude
Price is without shipping. Blush is also available. Height:12cm head size:13cm neck size:2.5cm eye size:8mm ..
[LoongSoul Limited] Doggy Dragon
Price is without shipping. Pre-order! White nude. Will be ready in April-May. ..
[Two.s.doll] Xiao Qian head with make
Make-up, head, white skin, eyes included ..
Dollzone Heavy Rain
Black nude, pre-order in our limit - 1  ..
Dollzone Moon fullset
Pink skin, nude. Price is without shipping. ..
Ringdoll K head
normal skin, no make-up, shipping is not included in the price ..
[Dollchateau Limited] Munin
Pre-order, shipping fee is not included ..
[Dollchateau Limited] Hugin
Pre-order, shipping fee is not included ..
[Dollchateau Limited] Lilian
Shipping is not included. Fullset can be ordered. ..
[DollZone Limited event] Cindy
Shipping fee is not included. Fullset is also available. In our Pre-order limit. ..